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February 2011

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Why it takes a long long time.

  I never think it's good enough. 

 That's the moral of this story, if that's what you're here for.. Well, that means you don't have to read the rest of this, lucky you. 

 The thing is, I've been revising the same story (a short story at that) for three months. No, it's not going for a contest in some great magazine where I could win thousands of dollars.. It's a story for my own satisfaction. It's a story so I can show a dynamic to someone and see if it really works from an objective point of view. I keep thinking of ways to make it better, and then a few days later it doesn't look so good to me. 

 I wouldn't be surprised if I was working on this one short until I'm eighty. ugh.. My other work is being pushed back for this one persistent short. And now.. After another revision, I've started rewriting the thing for a whole new sequence and changing the setting.. Meaning it will take longer to get to the other ideas.. 

 I've been storing up good ideas for half a year that I haven't been getting around too.. To take a break from writing my novel, I started polishing these story ideas... Now I'm even behind on my novel writing.. 

 No wonder I don't post on figment. 

 Oh... Did anyone watch Fox last night? The Cleveland Show, perhaps? Yes, normally it's not a very good program, but last night.. Had the BEST representation of a gay couple in television, hands down. No one can argue that there is a less stereotypical depiction. 

 As well-intentioned as other shows are by having a gay couple.. More often than not they still keep a couple bad stereotypes stuck in there.. No one seems to get over the perception of gay people as "girly", even gay rights has fallen into that trap.. Thank God, someone isn't. ;;; 

 Did anyone notice that Family Guy was terrible, by the way? I don't think I laughed even once.. At least it made the Simpsons look fantastic by comparison (it was already a great episode anyway, but this just puts it over the top.) 


I know exactly what you're going through with the revisions and such. <3 I hope you get it all sorted out in the order/way you want it soon so you can get back to the novel! ^_^
haha, that might take a while actually ;; .. I'm good with characterization and basic plotting but I can't figure out sequencing.. I know what I want to happen, but.. The order is the problem. Does that make sense?
What do you post there? I might know you.

I used to go on figment, but now it seems kinda pointless actually. It wasn't helping me, and it was actually adding more stress with it.. All those obscenity guidelines just scared me away..

Thank you!
I'll check it out ^__^

Yeah, it covers the basics.. Violence, sex, the whole shebang. Since the things I write are of a somewhat violent nature, I got worried and just left ;; .

Yeah, it's nice to see other works.. but.. I don't have time to read all of them! It's a shame.
I know what you mean about revision. A lot of times I finish something, and immediately see tons of flaws and feel the need to re-write completely. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever feel like something is ready to publish!

heh, a good representation of a gay couple on the Cleveland Show? Sounds unexpected. I agree with you about stereotypes still being there. I think Modern Family does a pretty good job with it, but Cameron and Mitchell can still be quite feminine.
I wish you good luck, then.. We're in the same horrible boat..

Yes, I've seen Modern Family a couple of times.. So perhaps my opinion isn't valid, but.. I can't help but find them a little stereotypical, along with the gay boy on Glee.. I mean, really. Perhaps it works that way in the TV industry but I know many gay men who are still manly ...